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Poorly structured sentences and all kinds of confusing expressions in your Chinese manuscripts may cause you to lose the chance of succeeding. All of our Chinese editors have work experience in publishing companies, hold professional qualification certificates of publishing and editing, and a master's degree or above. They are able to edit and polish Chinese manuscripts of various disciplines and industries, to make them express clearly, fluently and logically, and conquer your target reviewers and readers. We also provide two levels of editing services—"Standard" and "Andvanced".

Standard Advanced
• Highly-educated editors
• Professional editors from the same academic field
• FCE's Certificate of Editing
• Can communicate with the editor directly
• Professionally trained
• check for duplications
• Correct mistakes in characters, word usage, grammar, sentence, and punctuation
• Answer questions about the editing work
• Optimize overall fluency, check structure, consistency, scientificity, and logic issues
• Provide suggestions on charts, notes, references, etc.
• A summary of the edits
• Free re-editing(content change cannot exceed over 20%)
once twice
• Discount on formatting services.
10% 20%

Starting price

300.00RMB,80 RMB/1000 words

Completion time:5 to 30 working days

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Starting price

400.00RMB,100 RMB/1000 words

Completion time:7 to 30 working days

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Theses Revision
• In-depth guidance and revision of journal papers and graduation theses
• Ph.D. editors from well-known universities, have rich experience in scientific research and paper publishing
• Modify and answer questions until the thesis is passed
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